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Welcome to Scandinavian Foundations Ltd.

Specialists in Design and Build of

Passive House Foundations


Insulated Foundations

Passive House foundations and High Spec foundations are our



Do you require an energy efficient foundation to comply with Part L, Building Reg of today and tomorrow at the same time as saving money?


Do you want to save a minimum of 100mm of EPS compared to existing designs achieving the same U-Value?


If your answers are yes to these questions, then we have the solution in stock for you!


  • We offer you the best foundations on the market
  • A solo
  • Full structural design
  • Damp assessment
  • Calculation of loads, linear and point.
  • Full design of UFH Systems
  • U-Values down to 0.1 W/m²K
  • 30% less concrete
  • 30% better efficiency from insulation material
  • Passive House foundations




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Swedish Foundation Breaks New Ground

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Phone: +44(0)78561 49024



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Saffron Housing Trust, Norfolk



Semi Detached   Timber       Feb  -09        Diss / Norfolk

                         Frame                            England


Press & Pictures Skelton Rd Project, Diss



 Some U-Min Projects Ireland




Private House

Poroton Structure


    June Co Limerick/Ireland

2 Semi



Poroton / Brick Structure


    July Dublin / Ireland

Poroton / Steel Frame Structure


    September Co Limerick / Ireland

Timber Frame Structure


    November Co Wicklow
4 Dwelling House Timber Frame Structure     November

Dublin / Ireland




mail: sales@scandinavianfoundations.co.ok

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